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Thread: Blue Dream flower time.

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    Blue Dream flower time.

    I have 2 Blue Dreams that are at day 43. I have found some say 50 days and others say 70 days. The tricoms are about 60% cloudy.
    Has anyone grown this type, and have any info?

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    I highly doubt it's 50 days. The difference is probably between phenotypes but for all we know they could be different strains entirely and just mislabeled as Blue Dream.

    You got it under control though. The only way to know for sure is to look at the trichs. Either way thats a beautiful plant. Are you flushing yet?

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    Probably 70 day finish since it has some Sativa in it. I love Blue Dream and the Sativa high you get from it. Best of luck to you man the plant looks good and healthy.
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    Looking good bro, i would harvest it within the week if you want a head high, or wait a couple more weeks for some amber trichs if you want a body couchlock high, if you past 50 days flowering is time to be on trich watch.. good luck
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    I'm tending to go with the 50 days also,but, the tricoms will tell the story.
    Here is this mornings picture.
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    I'm watching the trichs very closely, I'm thinking 50 to 55 days will be about right. I don't want couch lock. I'll post when I harvest.
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    no flushing yet, I only flush for the last 2 days, I want them to have all the nutes until the last hour.

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    looks great bra
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    I'm at 47 days and it looks like Monday or Tuesday which would be 48 or 49 days, the top colas have a lot of amber the lower buds are 80% cloudy 20% clear.

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    Today is the day I harvesting 2 Blue Dream, it's day 49 the top colas have lots (20%) amber trichs the rest of the plants are cloudy
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